Don Zeferino
Romero Sánchez
/ Our founder

Our leadership is based on being a self-sufficient company that acquires supplies of the highest quality using the latest technology and the latest advances in feeding and caring for birds.

We are a leading company in the poultry industry in Mexico and Latin America

We produce and distribute white egg dish with 100% Mexican capital. Eight million eggs first quality depart daily from our facilities in transport medium and large capacity towards their centers of consumption.

75% of our production is consumed in southeastern Mexico and 25% in Mexico City.


To produce and commercialize high quality eggs with technology and processes oriented to customer satisfaction, providing the most inexpensive animal protein.


Being the leading company in productivity and egg quality, with social responsibility.


El Calvario is a company that encourages the values of Justice, Loyalty, Honesty, Merit Award, the Friendliness and Teamwork among all its members.

Final Goal

To maintain our position as one of the leading companies in the poultry industry in Mexico and Latin America, and one of the largest and most modern in the world: El Calvario.

1. Improve customer satisfaction.
2. Achieve greater participation in the most profitable market.
3. Increase staff competence.
4. Decrease the amount of nonconforming product.
5. Guarantee the food safety of our product.
6. Increase the commercializing through our Distribution Centers.

To be one of the world class leading egg producers in Mexico, using the highest technology, based on continuous improvement of the productive and administrative processes, committed with the human resource development, to obtain the highest quality product